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Simianshan Mountain Snow Jade Cave Dazu Rock Carving Huangshui National Forest Park Furong Cave Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial Museum
Introduction Jindaoxia is located in the southwest of Huaying Mountain, north of Chongqing. With
Dazu Rock Carving
Introduction Dazu County, reputed as the county of rock carving' is located at the southeast
Furong Cave
Introduction Furong Cave, located o­n the bank of the Furong River, in Jiangkou Town, Wulong
Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area
Introduction Located o­n the Ming Mountain o­n the northern bank of the Yangtze River, F
Snow Jade Cave
Introduction Located about eight miles from the new county of Fengdu, the Snow Jade Cave is rate
Small South Sea
Introduction Small South Sea, the former Small Ying Sea is located between Houba Town and Nanhai
Hechuan Fishing City
Introduction The Fishing Town is located in Hechuan City, 40 kilometers from Chongqing. Establis
Xituo ancient town
IntroductionXituo ancient town locates in the Shizhu Tujia minority autonomy county; it is the i
Wansheng Stone Forest
Located 165km from downtown Chongqing, Wansheng Stone Forest, which was formed about four hundre
Three Natural Bridges
IntroductionThree Natural Bridges is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Chongqing Cit
Zoological Garden
IntroductionChongqing Zoological Garden is situated in the western suburbs of Chongqing with und
Simianshan Mountain
IntroductionSimianshan Mountain is high in the south and low in the north. The highest peak, Wug
Jinfo Mountain
IntroductionThe Jinfo Mountain scenic spot is located within the boundaries of the Nanchuan city
Yongchuan Tea Mountains and Bamboo Sea
IntroductionTea Mountains and Bamboo Sea with an area of 117 square kilometers, 2 km from the no
Huangshui National Forest Park
IntroductionWith an average elevation of 1,550 metres, Huangshui National Forest Park is northwe
Baoding Mountain
Brief Introduction Baoding (Treasure Peak) Mountain, fifteen kilometers northeast of Dazu Town,
Gongtan Ancient Town
Brief IntrodutionGongtan Ancient Town is located in Tujia People Miao People Autonomous County i
Laitan Ancient Town
The ancienttown of Laitan is located in the Hechuan City of Chongqing Municipality.
Tongliang Museum
Brief IntroductionTongliang Museum covers an area of 10000 square meters with the area of archit
Furongjiang Scenic Area
Brief IntroductionFurongjiang Chongqing Stage is a national scenic spot.It is located at Jiangko
Fairy Mountain
Fairy Mountain, Hon Chong Promontory, Nha Trang - There's a gargantuan hand print o­n th
Baisha Ancient Town
Baisha Village is a place you cannot afford to miss as it is a living showcase of ancient Dongba
Black Valley Scenic Area
Brief IntroductionChongqing Black Valley, situated in the town of Jingxing, is 20 kilometers fro
Youshui River
Youyang CountyYoushuiRiver is located in the eastern part of Hubei ProvinceXuan'en Countyori
Youyang Wujiang River Gallery
Brief Introduction of Wujiang RiverThe Wujiang River, rising from Shigang Cave at Yingdong Villa
Epengjiang River
Brief IntroductionEpengjiang River is pours down from Hubei Lichuan flowing in Wuling Mountains&
Wuling Mountain
Wuling Mountain is rich in natural resources and excellent natural environment, its water into t
Jiuchongshan National Forest Park
Brief IntroductionJiuchongshan National Forest Park is located in Miaoba Town,Chengkou Country,c
   Shuangguitang, also known as Wanzhushan, Fuguosi Temple, and Jindaisi Temple, was f
Hongchiba Alpine Glassland
Brief IntroductionHongchiba alpine grassland is located in Wuxi County, covering an area of near
Xiaozai Tiankeng and Difeng
Brief IntroductionXiaozai Tiankeng is in Xiaozai Village,Jingzhu.It is the biggest Tiankeng in t
Brief IntroductionDabanying is located in the north of Youyang Tujia People Autonomous County.It
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